Monday, January 12, 2009

A Yellow Rose

I had a trade set up in Illustrated ATCs with Bonnie (Balletbon) for a 4"x4" rose, and with the holidays and job hunting I'd been dragging my feet with trades and swaps. Inspiration finally came today and I worked on a yellow rose for her based in one of the pics I took from my Mom's roses (read previous post). I chose the yellow rose because yellow roses carry such a beautiful meaning of sunshine and general happiness. I used watercolor paper, watercolors and white ink for this.

You can take a look at the beautiful Sunflower Bonnie did for me here.


Stacy said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I love yellow roses, and you really captured the beauty.

Estivalia said...

Wow, this is very beautiful! Bonnie is very lucky!

Sir Pumpkin said...

Gorgeous rose - love the way the colours softly merge.

purplepaint said...

This is awesome! I love to paint roses!!! I'm putting your blog in my faves and I'll be back to get inspired! :D Marva

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