Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pastels and Orchids

This is an orchid from the ones my Mom has in our front garden; the beauty of these orchids is the fact that they can take years to bloom and sometimes bloom only once in their lifetime. I know you have probably seen tons of gorgeous orchids in nurseries or if you are here in malls where they have them for sale, and all of them have these beautiful, perfect flowers...unfortunately, the ones we have bought here end up dying pretty quickly and we found out it's mostly because they are given special supplements to bloom and when they stop receiving these they die. We have finally found a couple of vendors that bring gorgeous orchids and we have been lucky enough to keep them alive. We are hopeful the second bulb in this one will also bloom! I took this one inside today, and made a pastel painting based on it...it's been a year since I played with my pastels, and I had quite a fun -but messy- time doing this.
*Funny childhood story* The first time I heard about pastels I was like 5 or 6 years old, and my mom asked my dad to go to the mall to look for some "pastels", when I heard this I immediately jumped into the conversation and asked to come along too; we went over to the mall and I was ABSOLUTELY disappointed when I saw that the "pastels" my mom had just bought were crayons... to understand my disappointment you should know that "pastel" in Spanish means "cake", which explains why a box of crayons was not what I wanted to see in that moment!

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SeekingForArt said...

This orchid is gorgeous! I used to grow them when I was in Hawaii....

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Laughing about the cake!

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