Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mom's Roses

Ok, it's time to boast a bit about my Mom, as I've told you before she has an extraordinary green thumb, but the funny thing is that whenever we visit a nursery to get more plants she acts like a child looking at baseball cards "I have this one...I don't have one in that color...Oh, I need this one" Among her favorite flowers are roses and we have quite a few of those in our terrace, unfortunately we had to get our roof fixed in December and the poor roses paid quite a high are pics from few of the survivors.

I on the othe hand do NOT have a green thumb...and I'm kind of banned of anything to do with the flowers lest I'll accidentally kill them... So I consider myself to have a colorful thumb instead and stick to painting them instead of planting them. Here's my latest inspiration coming straight from my Mom's roses; it has several layers of paint, gesso, paper, ink, texture, etc and a hand drawn and painted acrylic rose on top. It measures 10"x10" and is painted on canvas board. You can find it in my Etsy store.

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SeekingForArt said...

La rosa is gorgeous! It's so nice to have the inspiration outside your door!

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