Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Ok, it's the turn of the Mixed Media Alice in Wonderland Swap. Funny thing about's not one of my favorite reads ever (it gets way too crazy for my taste from time to time), but I find the characters to be fascinating. I chose my 3 most favorite characters for this swap over at AFA, and here they are with a description of the mediums used.
Alice's background is made with two scrunched up pieces of tissue paper (aqua and light blue on top) since I added lots of sealer on them the wrinkles are still there as well as a mix of the colors, I added some small dots of pink glitter on top of that. The area around the card is made with a different piece of cardboard on which I added more torn/wrinkled tissue paper and added lots of acrylic paint on top. Alice was drawn on a different piece of paper and colored with different mediums, the hair has markers, prismacolor crayons, black and white ink; the face is done with prismacolor crayons, the blouse is done with blue wax crayon and the dress with a small piece of Asian paper
Now for the cat...the background is a piece of some music sheet with green, yellow, and some brown oil pastels on top; I added some gesso on top, added some clean water and wiped most of the gesso away (this way I can mute most of the oil pastels). The branches are done just like the frame around Alice; cardboard, wrinkled tissue paper and acrylics. The flowers are dried flowers we can buy over here for crafts with lots of sealer on top so they won't flake. The cat is done on a scrap of patterned paper, shaded with wax crayon and I added some details with white and black ink on top.

Finally, my favorite character, the Mad Hatter. The background is a page from an old dictionary with yellow and red circles and gesso on top, and some white ink dots to finish it. The frame is just like the previous two cards and the Mad Hatter has an embossed paper shirt with patterned paper bowtie and had and Prismacolor colored pencils for the face.


Mysia said...

Aah, I like these! My favorite is Alice. And I like the idea of using music sheet as a background in the Cherise Cat one. :)

cheryl said...

I love your Wonderland characters (especially the Cheshire Cat)! The texture in your cards is terrific.

Seeing them reminded me of a puppet set I had tucked away ....

Sir Pumpkin said...

These really are delightful - full of charm. Love 'em!

Michelle McGee said...

LOVE these!

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