Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Partner Trades

I'm an ATC fan! I found an online forum on September '07 and I was hooked from the beginning, it has been an awesome experience because I've met some of the most friendly, creative, funny, and sometimes a bit crazy people around the world. I have traded and collected awesome art, made some great friends, and had the chance to learn more about art and my own process in creating it throughout this time. Last year in one of my regular hangouts, ATCs for All -AFA-, a new type of trade was set up; it's a monthly trade where you are set up blindly with another member, and you create a card especially for that member. It's a great way to trade with new people and try your hand at unusual themes. My January partner trade in AFA was Dawn (AKA Upwiththesun) and I made her a coffee ATC, it has a music sheet, way crayon, gesso, sharpie, stamps, gold pen, hand drawn image, collaged butterfly and ink.

This month a similar trade was set up in Mail Art World -MAW- and I got paired up with my dear pal Shirley (AKA Lilbad); she loves sheep, so I made a queen sheep for her! This one has scrapbooking paper, asian paper, embossed paper, hand drawn image, magazine text, sharpies, and wax crayon

Click here to see their galleries

Dawn's Gallery

Shirley's Gallery (MAW)
Shirley's Gallery (AFA)

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