Saturday, January 3, 2009

Flowers Everywhere

January can mean cold and lots of snow for many of you, but in Guate you can go really crazy with the weather; we can start with a very cold morning, work out to a hot afternoon and start getting cold again by early evening, this is why colds are so hard to shake off! The positive side of this weird weather is the fact that flowers seem to love it and you can find flowers all around you. This pic was taken in my own house (my mom has an extraordinary green thumb), this vine is called tumbralgia (let me know if you know its name in English) and it has taken over the whole backyard in just over a couple of months. (Mystery solved!! It is called a "clock vine". Thanks Jean for the info)All the wonderful colors around have inspired me to create a set of bookmarks with floral designs, here are some of them. They are for sale in my Etsy shop, so come by and take a look!


jean (AFA) said...

Hola! Estas estan? son? muy bonita! (Sorry about the poor Spanish!!)

Your flower is called Clock Flower, at least that's what I have heard it called.


Jenn Klee said...

Muy Bien Jean! Keep it up, thanks for the link!

katilady said...

Jenn I think these bookmarks are fabulous!

Renu said...

Gorgeous flowers and even more gorgeous bookmarks.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Beautiful bookmarks. BTW, you have great things in your shop!

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