Monday, June 15, 2009

Love Hate

I realized last week that I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with stuff lately and that this has been draining my energy to create art. I decided I needed to change that, so now I try to have positive thoughts and just focus on having fun with my art.

I worked on these CDs during the weekend, they are old CDs where I added canvas paper on top and used my acrylics there...

Acrylics and I have a love/hate relationship, whenever I start painting with acrylics I start doubting myself and feeling like throwing everything away because I don't like how things are looking; it's always difficult to switch from media to media and change the techniques I need to use to apply with each project...that's the hate part. The love part comes when I finally remember how to work and things start shaping the way I want them to :)
To finish these ones I added a couple of magnets in the back and they'll be around my fridge until I'm ready to send them.


Leslie said...

What a clever idea to use canvas paper over the CDs. The boxes in the post last post are beautiful also! Happy Summer!

Pretty Things said...

Lovely -- and quite clever!

Renu (midnitecreations) said...

These CDs turned out so gorgeous! Love the vibrancy of your colors.

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