Monday, June 8, 2009

Graphite Kick

It seems I got stuck in a graphite loop the last couple of days. Here are 4 ATCs I made for a Pick-a-Theme swap over at iATCs. I absolutely love PAT swaps because I get to do different cards and I get my choice of cards in return; this time I ended up with a group that had requested animal theme cards and I'm getting butterflies in return. It was a nice change to go back to graphite for a while, but at the end I was pretty tired of the grayscale... I did work in 3 different projects yesterday afternoon, but they are part of a trade and I cannot post them until my partners get them so the surprise isn't spoiled :)


itsamistry said...

Lovely you're doing a great job of the graphite and on your drawings. Love looking at your creations.

Anne said...

Hi, Jenn! You do AMAZING black-and-white work with graphite! Love them all! :-)

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