Friday, June 26, 2009

13 Minutes

There is this very cool swap over at iATCs called the 13 minute swap. You need to create your cards in 13 minutes or less, that 13 minute part is the one that really freaked me out...but I still decided to give it a shot.
All my cards were done with watercolors and finished with black ink for the details and I quite like the results. It was difficult to stop fidgeting with the cards, I wanted to keep adding more and more details! The really positive of this swap is the fact that I did not stress over it; I decided to give it a try, work on my cards and sign up when they were done.
I chose landscapes because it's an easy enough theme to put in paper, I just drew some very basic reference lines and did the rest with the watercolors. Try it out, you might surprise yourself with the results you get!


SeekingForArt said...

Wow Jenn... You are so talented! Hugs amiga!!!!

LuvLoz said...

These look lovely. I've enjoyed seeing what you and Kat have created for this swap.

Pretty Things said...

Oh that would totally stress me out! I'm glad you guys are so talented!

Cuchy said...

Hola Jen. Muchísimas gracias por tu comentario en mi blog. Me alegro mucho de haber descubierto el tuyo... Pintas de maravilla. Si yo pintara la mitad de bien que tú... Qué tarjetas tan preciosas.
Gracias por el link a atcs for all. Conocía la web y me gusta ver las galerías para inspirarme. Lo que no tengo es tiempo para los swaps. De momento intercambio mis tarjetas individualmente. Si quieres cambiar alguna tarjeta conmigo estaré más que encantada. Quizá ahora en vacaciones me apunte a algún swap. Gracias de nuevo. .Un abrazo desde España. Cuchy

Anne said...

Hi, Jenn! I am truly inspired by the ATCs you created in just 13 minutes each! Wow! Totally amazing! :-)

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