Monday, June 8, 2009


One of my best friends has this obsession with boxes; she owns a lot of them in different colors, styles, and materials and has a very hard time saying no to a box when she sees one. I worked on 2 boxes last weekend with different techniques and materials and they will be hard to let go when I post them on their way.

This one is a wooden box measuring 8"x6" and done with acrylics and inks. There is a very nice blue metallic shine in the sky, but of course the camera couldn't pick that up. The inside has 3 compartments and the bottom of them were covered with some oriental fabric I got in a trade.
This box is metal and I worked on pastel paper and soft pastels to create this scene of the entrance of Antigua Guatemala. I sealed it with spray, but since I know the lid will be constantly manipulated I added 2 layers of clear varnish on top...I was SCARED to death while doing this, because I thought the colors would smudge, but luckily they held up and the lid has a lovely shine to it.

I spent all day yesterday working with old CDs to create fridge magnets. I managed to finish 3, I'll have to complete the last one later today and then I'll post the pics.

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Anne said...

Hi Jenn! What lovely gorgeous beautiful boxes! Wow! I'm sure your friend will treasure them! Sooooo cool! :-)

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