Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inspiration Tags

I created this tags for a swap at AFA where our amazing hostess is putting the tags of 12 artists into a tag book. The main theme of the book will be art and inspiration.

The top picture is the front of my tags; I started with some watercolors, next I wrote some words I feel a strong attraction to : dream, hope, enjoy, create, life, art; I splattered some gold acrylic paint and ended with the image of the woman's face with black marker.

This is the back of the cards, it's pretty much the same as the front minus the woman's face and the phrase Art is Life written with white ink and shadowed with black marker. I cannot wait to get this amazing book back!


Pretty Things said...

I love them! It's so cool, you guys do all this stuff with white ink and I NEVER think of using white ink!

Annette Q said...

Thes are pretty! I like your blog! :-)

Cyndi L said...

All these fabulous swaps you do, Jenn! Now I can see why you needed to create a book of your work :-)

BTW, my son worked in an orphanage in Guatemala for two years, and he and his family plan to return sometime in 2010 to help run it. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous country...lots of visual inspiration everywhere you turn!

Anne said...

Hi, Jenn! Love the face with the flourished hair on the front of these tages! :-)

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