Monday, August 10, 2009

Mermaid Redo...

I have found out that a lot of time when I don't like a piece of art it'll get more interest than a piece I'm particularly proud of. Point in case, the mermaid fiasco I wrote about two weeks ago here...I didn't like what the end product turned out like and I decided not to include it for the Pick-a-Theme swap @ iATCs. Well, you can color me surprised when it got asked in a trade not 10 minutes after I posted...and even more surprised when after I agreed to trade it I got positive comments on it...Anyhow, it was too late to back off the trade and I had to create a new mermaid card for the PAT.

I used collaged papers, acrylics, a mermaid transparency and black and white drawing ink on this one. I'm done with the mixed media cards for the PAT, I have to work in the hand-drawn cards now.


Leslie said...

We are generally more critical of ourselves than others are. Sometimes art pieces do not turn out the way we saw them in our minds,but the finished product is still great! Both of your mermaids turned out very cool!

EraserQueen said...

HAHA, why is that? I get the same I have labored over do not get any attention at all..

Anyway I agree with everyone, this card is really great, I love the texture and color of the background, and your mermaid has a great quality to her..I think it's the line quality.

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