Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mixed Media Butterflies

One of these is going to Anita in iATCs, for the Summer PAT. She is in my Mixed Media group and she asked for butterflies, so I started working on one and ended up with two :)

Here's a short walk through of how I made these:
*I used some watercolor paper as my base, and did a quick wash with yellow and red watercolors.
*I altered the images from a greeting card, it was a blue butterfly with the 2 yellow smaller butterflies on the corners. The image was too large so instead of wasting half the image I did 2 ATCs from it.
*I first added a watered down gesso coat over the images- I just wanted to give some tooth to the paper so I could add color on top.
*Next was a very translucent coat of metallic paint -blue and yellow- over the entire butterflies' bodies.
*I added the inside details with acrylics, white ink, and black ink.
*I finished it up with a transparency -text on one and music sheet on the other.

I worked on more ATCs during the weekend, and a larger project from my figure drawing class. I'll post them later on during the week.


Cris said...

Very pretty. I like the used of printed words and sheet music. The butterflies are so colorful~

itsamistry said...

WOW thanks Jennifer they're both lovely and will fit into my collection very well.

I'd better start working on my cards.

Margaret Ann said...

These are gorgeous... I saw them over at iATCs and then popped in for a visit on your blog from there! Nice work! :)

Pretty Things said...

I just love butterflies, and the lettering underneath is terrific.

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