Tuesday, December 29, 2009

About time...

Yeah, it's about time I posted something in my blog; unfortunately I haven't been creating much other than Christmas gifts for my family and for my 2 Secret Santa partners at iATCs and couldn't post any of it online; so here's a quick recap of what I've been keeping myself busy with.

The triptych above is my Mom's Christmas gift -it comes to join the other 38 Nativity scenes we already have -, the background and the faces are all done with acrylics -how easy is it to hate acrylics, ugh....- the clothes come from pieces of patterned paper and I added some bronze dimensional paint for the details.

This is a bird mobile for Annie, one of my Secret Santa's partners. The birds have a word on one side and found poetry on the other side, the hoop was made of some wire and I added large translucent sequins to it. This has been one of those projects I have hated to see go but at the same time loved working on it -I might have to work on one just for my bedroom.

Here's a closeup of the detail in one of the birdies.

Here's Annie's other part of the gift; an altered tote and two -larger than inchies- Alice frames.
Unfortunately I was rushing for posting everything on time and I forgot to take pics of the gifts I sent my other Secret Santa...
Here with the most *terrible* pictures I've ever taken are the totes I painted for my nieces. These ended up pretty cute and not too time consuming; I just printed the letters with a nice cutesy font from the pc, traced them to the fabric and painted them with some fabric paint, I added the flowers and fastened them with an eyelet. The pink tote doesn't look that bad in the pic...the other one is a whole mess, there wasn't any purple in that tote at all it was light-blue with white and yellow flowers. I'll try to take better daylight pictures soon (oh yeah, that shot also includes a close-up of my beloved and battered craft table)

The best part about making all the gifts came 3 days before Christmas when I got the stomach bug from hell...that led to me finishing gifts on Christmas Eve, forgetting to take pics of all the other gifts and not finishing the one above in time to get framed; well there's the holidays for you. Hope you've had a quiet time with your loved ones :)


Melissa M (Lagaz) said...

I understand about not blogging regularly :) I'm a quiet person in real life, so it translates onto the web too!

I really like that Bird mobile that you made for Annie. It is so pretty! Didn't you do a chunky bird page swap recently...or was that someone else? Anyways, beautiful!

Your last picture looks wonderful! I am impressed :) I'm sure that it would look great framed when you get the time.

Happy Holiday!

Jenn Klee said...

I wanted to join in that chunky swap; but the cost of posting gets too out of hand so I try to stick to ATCs. I did get the idea from the swap though.

Pretty Things said...

I love the bird mobile!

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